Honey Swamp Haircuts

This is it: southern belle Honey Swamp's facing a major challenge/opportunity for her career (since you probably know that she dreams to become one of those Hauntlywood movie stars)! She's having a major audition today, for one of the latest horror movies directed by a famous director and she is, as you can guess: teeeeerribly nervous! She's rehearsed and prepared for her acting in front of the jury so much and yet she still needs a... new confidence-boosting haircut and a new scary-chic fashion look before she dazzles away the crew with her acting skills. How would you like to be this aspiring teen actress’s stylist? As a Monster High hair styling games fan you'll definitely love stepping into the shoes of Honey Swamps hairdresser in particular! Hurry up to give her gorgeous Afro curls a professional shampooing and pampering, next get daringly creative as her new personal hairstylist! Feel free to put together a retro-chic puff diva hairstyle for her, master handling that curling iron put at your disposal, or go ahead and recreate her attention-grabbing statement afro look (her signature hairstyle), getting bold as you pick the some neon colored hair dyes (maybe) for taking it out anonymity with! Have fun!

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