Homemade Marshmallow

Are you ready to reward your taste buds with a yum yum treat to drool for? What would you say about some... marshmallows then? Not only that they're so... quick to eat, since they're super delicious, but they're so quick and easy to cook, as well! Start your marshmallow cooking class by carrying out the very first task: breaking and beating two eggs master handling the onscreen whisk just like a real-lie pastry cook would. Then, once the next screen pops up, be quick to pour all the indicated ingredients into the saucepan placed on the oven you have there! Start by pouring the edible gum, then add some water, too, another key ingredient, as well, and don't forget to use the hand mixer you have there for blending in your mix! Lovely! Wouldn't you instantly add this dessert cooking tutorial to any “ the best cooking games” type of top? Next, you need to put together other ingredients, but this time into the food processor!


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