Homemade Icecream

Oops! Lovely Susan here has just got a surprise visit from her friends and she has no yummy delish to treat them with. They're planning on having a nice chat in the front yard, since it makes such a gorgeous, sunny weather today and since they say that temperatures will be going up and up today, a finger-licking good, refreshing homemade icecream would definitely make the perfect dessert for Susan to spoil her unexpected guests with! Would you lend her a helping hand for preparing it, asap, while enjoying Homemade Ice Cream, no doubt one of the most inspiring ice cream cooking games online?

The first step to take, as charming Susan's helper: joining her to the supermarket, where she needs to buy all the ingredients listed in her mom's famous homemade ice cream recipe: sugar, eggs, salt, whipped cream etc. Next, step into sweet chef Susan's kitchen and let the ice cream cooking frenzy begin! First of all take out all the needed ingredients and kitchen tools, scanning the fridge and the kitchen cupboard's shelves, and place them on the table. Start with the whipped cream, thencontinue with the large pink bowl, next take out the bag of sugar, as well... Have you recently had th chance to play other ice cream cooking games more addictive than this one? Once you have them all nicely displayed on the kitchen table, go on and put them all together as indicated to you through the helpful yellow arrow on your screen. The last step to take: putting your ice cream mix into the freezer for a couple of seconds. Then, it's ice cream decorating time! Turn Susan's surprise dessert for her friends into a truly eye-tempting, mouth-watering summer delish by upgrading its flavor and look with all kinds of fruits, frosting, colorful sprinkles and yummy chocolate sticks, too!

Don't think that this is one of our few ice cream cooking games! No way, we have a whole collection of ice cream making tutorials, you know, so feel free to play them all and to get inspired!
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