Homemade Chocolate

I bet you like all kinds of chocolate, tasty strawberry filled chocolate, refreshing mint chocolate or peanut chocolate, but you have to agree that nothing could beat the... homemade chocolate! Learn the best recipe for this yummy, yummy homemade attending this fun pastry cooking show here! First, you need to mix, mix then... mix some more. You'll be needing some cocoa powder, some sugar, some fresh milk, too... Then once you've poured the yummy choco mixture into those forms there, and you've waited enough time for them to cook into the oven, feel free to... challenge your decoration talent, as a pastry cook, too. Embellish those mouth-watering looking choco treats with some yummy topping, too, and, without even noticing it you will have cooked your very first super delicious, so very eye-temptingly looking homemade chocolate! If you're not yet a big, big chocolate cooking games fan, then you will definitely become one after enjoying this game here!


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