Hollywood Slacking

Cute Sarah's done it, she's turned herself into a red carpet diva, she's caught the attention of all the most famous producers in Hollywood and now she's about to attend one of those highly glamorous movie awards, looking and hopefully “acting” like a true Hollywood beauty queen! Still, Sarah's still having trouble acting like a 100% authentic diva and she would always sneak out to... build her own personalized trophies, to take some photo snaps of some of her top favorite celebrities, who'll be here, on the red carpet, this evening, she would even leave the red carpet for a couple of precious moments, and make herself one glass of yummy refreshing fruity juice or send a highly important to her BFF. If you're already more than familiarized with online slacking games, you will surely agree that this is one here easily falls into the “ slacking games with the most catchy themes” category! Since her bodyguard is paid for making sure Sarah's won't indulge herself in all these “not suitable for a Hollywood diva” types of activities, help cute Sarah carry them all out behind his back.

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