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Ghost Buster

Halloween is the perfect time for wearing some wacky, spooky costumes, to play all sorts of “evil” tricks on your friends and for... hunting ghosts. That's right! The ghost buster hidden object game is your chance to train yourself and sharpen your detective and hunting skills till Halloween. Grab your mouse and go on this spooky ghosts quest!

It makes such a great night for a nice stroll through the... graveyard, don't you think? Doesn't it just send chills down your spine already? Who knows what might haunt you from the behind those grave stones, from behind that spooky-looking house there? Still, don't let yourself intimidated by all the spooky creatures and by this gloom,y nocturnal atmosphere created for you in the ghost buster hidden object game, for you're on a mission now, that of spotting all the hidden ghosts there, on your screen. What's there? There. Next to that jack o' lantern in the grass? Is that a tiny ghost? Well click on it and send it back where it came from, the dark underworld that is. If you already used to love spot the hidden object games, then you will surely go addicted to this fun skills game here! Don't mind those scary owls in the trees, nor those spooky looking werewolves there, they're not here to harm you, just to intimidate you. Stay focused, use your detective skills and your perspicacity to track down all the hidden ghosts and prove those evil phantoms that you're the ultimate ghost buster, the one that will put an end to their short staying in our real world.

Play the ghost buster hidden object game and leave those spooky phantoms no chance to keep haunting and scaring innocent people in our world on Halloween night!