Hello Kitty

Isn't stitching super fun? You get play the artist and to recreate all those cool images. Ok, I know you use a needle instead of a brush, but you're still an artist. Now, if you play the hello kitty game you will be contemporary artist using you mouse instead of the needle. Have Fun!

Before you get it started, I have a surprise for you, an important piece of information about this animals stitching game: hello kitty is the central item of the images you will have to stitch! That's right, you get to recreate her cute tiny face and ribbon with a simple click given on the colors you have on the right side of the page. Now, start this animals stitching game picking the animal you prefer to recreate! How about the cute froggy? With some clicks on the right side of the screen, where you have all the colors you might need and then another few clicks on the froggy and there, she is and emerald green froggy now, ready to take her sit on her favorite leaf. You can no longer tell where the frog ends and the leaf starts. If in doubt, all you have to do is follow the image you have there, in this animals stitching game. Ready to go for another cute animal and give it some color?

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