Hazel's Goldfish

Cute Hazel's not just a super adorable baby girl, such an energetic, joyful toddler, but a so very lucky one, too: she's been gifted with a sweet-looking little goldfish! Would you help her take great care of her new dream pet? Accompany her at the pet shop and help her buy all those items that she needs' for putting together a lovely, cozy cute home for her little friend, such as a fish tank or water plants for being a loving and caring fish owner, too, such all kinds of must-have fish medicine and fish foodie, too, of course. Then, help her actually decorate her goldfish's tank, selecting all the newly bought items in the right sequence and turn it into the perfect home for her little pet. Wouldn't you agree that this game is one of those engaging free online simulation games with the cuteness factor added, too, as well?


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