Cute Owl Care

What, didn't you know that cute owls, too, even if they live there, in the wild, someone loving and caring enough to look after them? Well, they do, just like this feathery sweetie here! She's totally dependent on you and she's relying on you whenever she needs to get those feathers cleaned and brushed, whenever she gets hungry and she'd have some of her favorite yummy... worms, whenever she feels like redecorating and beautifying her bird house, getting it an infusion of lovely, candy color, whenever she feels like being gently stroked or whenever she needs you to administrate her medicine and so on. Be the dream owner that our cute owl here needs completing all the little enjoyable little tasks, meant to create the perfect bond between the owner and her pet, playing probably one of the most most addictive bird cuteness-filled animal care games online!


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