Halloween Pumpkin Decor

It's never too soon or to late to start practicing your pumpkin carving and decoration skills for the big Halloween night! So, here you have your pumpkin, get ready to clean it, to wipe it, to remove its seeds, moving the cursor as indicated on your screen. Then, it will be pumpkin carving time! First of all, carefully pick the drawing representing your future jack o'lantern facial expression. Would you like it to be super scary and to sport a big spooky grin on his face or would you prefer it to be rather cute and cheerful looking? Once you've drawn the pattern, carved its eyes, nose and mouth, go really creative and feel free to have it painted in a lovely vivid color, other than the common orange, to decorate it with all kinds of funny looking bat or ghost-shaped wings, to get him some skeleton or some highly muscular hands and so on. If all Halloween pumpkin carving games online had been like this, lots of jack o'lanterns would definitely have looked different on this special night, right?


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