Halloween Babies

It seems like your restaurant is ready to welcome its first customers on Halloween night! It's décor is so Halloween-ish, the yummy foodies that your chefs have prepared, as well, so: it's time to serve the first costumed costumers popping up in front of the counter. The first one might just be a cute little hungry mummy wanting to have some of your famous sausages, nicely wrapped so that they should look like some little spooky... Halloween fingers. Have you ever played Halloween food serving games before? Have they been as challenging, as cute and have they dazzled you away with such Halloween-ish graphics, too? The next customers could as well be a lovely girl costumed as a spooky witch who's crazy about your famous cupcakes and who adores your delicious pumpkin soup as well. Be quick to attend to them all, in due time, for you wouldn't want all those little monsters, all those devilish witches and gloomy looking vampires to haunt you, waiting in line for too long now would you?


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