Graveyard Cake

It's no doubt the ultimate Halloween super cake to spoil your trick or treaters with! Now lovely chef Sara's ready to teach you how to bake the yummiest graveyard cake! First things first, though, for till you get to the baking part, you need to make sure to get all the ingredients ready there, on the kitchen counter. Look for the milk, for the measuring cup, scanning Sara's kitchen cupboard, then try to figure out where it's most likely to find a large bowl and the chocolate pudding. Once they're all there, nicely displayed on the counter, get ready to put together the first mix using the electric mixer put at your disposal. For someone so very accustomed with free cooking games for girls, like you, it's plain clear that this game is one of the most baking skills-challenging ones you've ever tested! Then, be quick to take out of the cupboard or the fridge, all the other items that you'll need for cooking your delicious Halloween-ish cake!


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