Girl and Birds

Lovely Laura has had a special relation with birdies ever since she was a little girl and her parents used to take her backpacking in the mountains and teach her how to pay attention to birds' different trills, how to differentiate the bird species and so on... Even as we speak our sweet birds-loving mademoiselle is getting ready for a long, relaxing walk in the park (her top favorite pastime activity), where she'll instinctively watch and listen to all the birds around here. Now don't think that this means that she'll go for a laid back, comfy sporty look. No way, such a dear activity to her calls for a... lovely chic, dressy look! First, help her put on her soft, barely there make-up look, going for sheer, pastel colored and for just a touch of blush in her cheeks! Next, decide whether she should wear one of her so very lovely full-skirt dresses of retro fashion inspiration (how about the so very pretty floral print one?), paired with some fancy heels and a gorgeous wide brimmed hat or whether she should wear one of her casual chic bird print tee tops paired with a chic skater skirt and some cool trendy sunglasses. You'll surely agree that this is one of those dress up games for girls online that have the potential of turning into your top favorite online fashion and make-up tutorials!

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