Funny Cupcakes

Welcome to cute pastry cook Jennifer's funny cupcake cooking show! If you love, love, love yummy and equally lovely looking treats, you'll find this baking tutorial so very helpful! Strive to impress her as a very quick learner and rush in to take the first step: mashing the butter! You simply need to move that fork up and down, filling in the bar on the right side of your screen. Awesome! Then, you'll get your memory skills challenged, as well: you'll need to remember to pick the ingredients that you'll need for putting together the cupcake dough in precisely the indicated sequence. In no time you'll realize that you're enjoying probably one of the most engaging cupcake cooking games online! Go on and carry out all the other cooking tasks, as well, such as filling in those paper cups with the mix that you will have prepared, placing your cupcakes in the oven for a couple of seconds, then pulling off the right ingredients mix for preparing the yummy, vivid green icing which will go on top of your treats, as well. Have a blast!



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