Easter Bunny Egg Collector

Have you got into the Easter spirit yet! Then get ready to celebrate it... the fun way! Impress fluffy cue Easter bunny with your outstanding skills accepting the 3 major challenges that he's prepared for you in this game here, Easter Bunny Egg Collector, lending him a priceless helping hand during his special Easter eggs collecting marathon this year!

So, do you really think you'd make the best, the most skillful little helper that adorable Easter bunny could have ever dreamed of? It's time to prove it, my friend by... taking the first flappy bird-alike test. Well, it's a “flappy hen” test in fact, where you need to tap, tap, tap that onscreen hen, for helping it squeeze through those spiders hanging off the top of the screen and the lovely mushrooms rising form the bottom of the screen and collect all the yummy grains in between these obstacles. If you're super picky when it comes to free skill games and you're always going for the most demanding ones, you will surely love this game here in particular! It takes great reaction times and great skills and outstanding accuracy for helping your feathery friend cautiously fly through those nasty looking spiders eager to catch it in their web and those tall mushrooms which, once hit, will mean the end of your hen's little adventure. Once you've reached your goal, once you've collected the target no. of grains, go on and “unwrap” your future surprise “Easter challenge”: moving the cutie cute onscreen Easter bunny leftwards and rightwards, on your screen, helping him collect all or at least most of the falling eggs. Put all the efforts for helping your long eared friend catch as many lovely colored Easter eggs as possible! The third and the last test you need to take before you can really call yourself the sweet Easter bunny's best little helper and the best free skill games for girls player out there, will definitely sharpen your reaction time. The very instant that one of those yellowish hens hops off its nest, revealing the precious little colorful Easter egg hidden there, be super quick to give it a click and... collect it for your little friend, the treasurer bunny, who'll then be able to deliver it to one lucky kid on Easter Day. Don’t take your eyes off those hens and be one step ahead of them, seizing every single chance they'll give you to “steal” those eggs from their very nests. Enjoy!

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