Flower Cupcakes

They're yummy, yum yum, they look so adorable, as well, and they can be baked in no time! Could you say no to the chance of learning how to cook some delicious and so very pretty flower cupcakes? I didn't think so! Put on your apron and start baking these flower-shaped treats that will make such lovely, tasty surprises for the cute little kids in this cooking game! The first step to take: preparing the color cupcake mixture! For this, you will be needing some fresh creamy butter, simply drop it into the large empty bowl prepared for you on the kitchen counter, then you'll have to add some caster sugar, too, break a couple of eggs as well, and use that electric mixer for blending them through and through. Lovely! Is this like one of the most useful online cupcake cooking games you've ever played? Next, add some flour as well and keep up the good work till you've cooked the cupcake mixture. Then, it will be baking time, followed by the mini daisy cupcakes cooking step. Enjoy playing the role of a skillful little pastry cook!


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