Flirt On The Beach

The weather is just wonderful, so perfect for a nice sunbathing session on the beach and....a flirting session, too! This sweet looking beach girl here has put on her most stylish bathing suit and her loveliest charms and is ready to flirt! Since competition is so fierce and there are other pretty looking summer girls there ready to use their charms,too, start playing the flirt on the beach skills game and help her make all the boys fall madly in love with her!

There's no time for a relaxing sunbathing session,still, not today, for our cutie will have to walk down the beach and speed up so that she can charm as many beach boys as possible, before theother girls do. Using your mouse you'll manage to control your on-screencharminggirl and help her move from left to right, wherever there's a new possible “love victim” that she could flirt with. It's such a fast-paced, really engaging skills game, that you'll soon grown addicted to! You'll make such a great team, you two, those handsome boys can't stand the chance of “escaping” her lovely charms if you're giving the right clicks to your computer mouse. The very instant you spot a new “love victim” quick, click your mouse and don't take your hand off it till the little heart on your screen doesn't get filled. It's only then that you can be sure that the boy you're flirting with has fallen head over heels for your on-screen charming girl!

Have tones of fun playing the flirt on the beach skills game and being the skillful littleCupid that helps this cute summer girl win the hearts of lots and lots of good looking teen boys on the beach.

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