Fish Differences

Are you ready to take a dive into the mysterious underwater world and use your detective skills to spot not some kind of hidden treasure on the bottom of the ocean, but some very hidden differences? Then, embark on this aquatic adventure playing the fish differences game!

First of all I'd have to “warn” you that it won't be easy to stay focused with all those cute, colorful fishies swimming all around you, with all those lovely looking seahorses, goofy faced octopuses and other adorable underwater creatures. After you've enjoyed this fun challenging skills game, you will surely start to play free difference games online for hours on end! Scan the sand there, on the bottom of the ocean, scan all those water plants there, carefully scan that ship wrack there, all the tiny rocks that you have there and try to spot even the tiniest differences between the two images on your screen.

Put your differences spotting skills to a test while enjoying your staying in this underwater world playing the fish differences game!

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