Fish and Chorizo Soup

Whether the Spanish cuisine is or is not yon our top favorite cuisines list, the tasty fish and chorizo soup must be among your preferences: it's quick to cook, so very nutritious, without being too heavy, and it's so... finger-licking good! So, what are you waiting for? Attend this fish and chorizo soup cooking class here and learn to cook this yummy dish! First of all, consider gathering all the needed ingredients: go shopping and fill in your shopping cart with all the right foodies! I'm referring here to basmati rice, to tomatoes, peans, salami, fish, all kinds of veggies and so on... Once you've done all the shopping, get to the slicing part and... there will be a lot of ingredients slicing, I can tell you that! Start with the pepperoni and get it chopped in no time, then continue with the salami, slice the onion, as well, then... You'll no doubt agree that this is one of those soup cooking games online which make such helpful cooking tutorials!

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