Find the Fishes

Ready to take an imaginary dive into the ocean and get dazzled away by all that color, mesmerizing textures and fascinating shapes and sizes of all those multicolored fishes swimming all around you? Well, in fact you're not here, in this underwater paradise, just to admire all these lovely fishes, but... to spot some specific fishes while here! The “targeted” ones are listed in the bar there, on top of you screen, so get focused and go... fish seeking! As you will see, this game is one of those new hidden object games that puts your perspicacity to a great test! Once you spot the ones that will grant you some precious points, give it a quick click and they will instantly vanish away from the bank of fishes. Make sure you don't get too distracted by all this symphony of colors and preciously looking textures and focus on your one and only goal: spotting the hiding fishes!

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