Favorite Choco Cookies

Any time is the perfect time for treating yourself with some yummy, nonetheless adorably looking choco cookies, don't you agree? Well, then hurry up to put on your virtual apron right now, for it's cookies' cooking time! Take the first step indicated to you on the screen and start slicing the butter! Master handle that kitchen knife put at your disposal, then use it for cutting the bar of chocolate, too! Chop, chop, chop it, then get ready for mixing all the right ingredients for preparing the cookie dough. Pour some flour into that big empty bowl you have there, then add some baking powder, as well, a few drops of vanilla essence, some milk, as well, and once you've dropped them all, use the hand mixer popping up on your screen for blending them together! Have you ever played other cookie cooking games more inspiring than this one here? Roll out your dough, then have loads of fun master handling those cute animal-shaped moulds for shaping your future tasty, so very lovely looking choco cookies!



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