Fabulous Heels

If you've always admired all those fashion-forward, cutting-edge statement heels that you get to see mostly on fashion runways, well, now is your chance to put your creativity as a shoe designer to work and come up with the most exquisite, fab-glamorous heels ever. Play the fabulous heels decoration game and express your passion for glamorous, extravagant shoes!

What shape, what kind of heels do those dream shoes of yours have, in your imagination? Are they edgy platform shoes or maybe they feature unique, statement stiletto heels? It's up to you whether they'll be strappy heels or if they feature all sorts of leather fringes, or if they'll be peep toe heels. Once you're 100% that you've picked the ultimate design, think about a vivid super color for them or maybe for a combination of sharp, neon colors, why not. You could also go for a bold pattern which is definitely going to add even more fabulocity and haute couture extravagance to their look. Great! Any real shoe-addict is sure to become a shoe decoration games-addict, too, right? Now consider accessorizing them with all sorts of glittery jewels, taking them from cutting-edge gorgeous to glam-fabulously extravagant. Don't be cheapskate when it comes to adding precious stones and golden tiny accessories that will turn them into the ultimate shoes of your most precious fantasies as a great shoe-addict!

Don't stop here, play other and other amazing shoe decoration games on Rainbowdressup and perfect your skills as a highly creative shoe designer!

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