Eye Doctor

Have you ever had an eye exam before? I bet you've never had the chance to be in the eye doctor's shoes before, but only in that of the patient, right? Then what if I told you that today you're running your own consulting room, for once you get the eye doctor simulation game started you'll instantly find yourself gifted with all the medical skills needed for curing patients with eye problems?

Let's see: do you know which is the very first step of the process, the very first thing you'd do if you were a real-life eye doctor, too? You'd be pouring those special drops into your patient's eyes! That's right! That's what you're about to do right now, too, being really precise so that you should drop them exactly on the retina and nowhere else besides it, so make sure you'll hit the “targeted” zones there. Great!If you have a guilty addiction only for super engaging cool simulation games for girls, then this game here sure exceeds your expectations, right? Now, once you've whipped away those inevitable teardrops from your patient's face, get ready for putting her sight to a major computer test. For focusing, just hit the right arrows on your keyboard, and thus the on-screen joystick, too, and you will be able to position that scope as needed for having a better visibility when scanning your on-screen patient's eyeballs. It's then and only then that you get to use the laser there for cleaning them out of all those nasty stains who're affecting your patient's sight. Just give them some quick clicks and they will vanish away. Super! Now comes the major numbers test for deciding which are the most suitable diopters for your patient's future eyeglasses.

I bet that, even if you've played so many cool simulation games for girls online, none of them challenged you to... play the role of a skillful eye doctor, right?

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