Elsa's Room Cleaning

Oh, no! Jack Frost has just called to let queen Elsa know treat he'll be paying her a visit in... just a few minutes and her room is a total mess. Could you help her get it cleaned up and tidied up in the blink of an eye, as if by magic? Then, chop, chop: pick up the lovely chic little coffee table, fallen on the floor, then rearrange that lovely painting on the wall featuring goofy sweet Olaf, Elsa's close friend, next pick up the potpourri bowl and place in on the table, put the two lovely cushions back on the sofa again, remove the spiderwebs off the walls, grab the broom that you can find in Elsa's room and use it for sweeping up the flower petals off the carpet, then see what you can do about that nasty looking cut in the sofa's fabric. As a room cleaning games online fan you'll surely enjoy walking into the shoes of queen Elsa's little helper in particular! Click by click you'll get Elsa's room from terribly messy to cozy chic, neat and welcoming, the perfect type of room for her to greet her boyfriend in. Have fun!

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