Elsa's Frozen House Makeover

S.O.S, you're greatly needed in Arendelle! Gorgeous queen Elsa's expecting her boyfriend, Jack Frost, to stop by her dreamlike frozen house and the place is a... total mess right now! It's time you worked your magic and turned Elsa's home into a so very neat and tidy, welcoming chic fantasy crib! First of all help her spot all those key items, such as brooms, hammers, mops and all kind of stuff that she'll need during her house makeover session! Scan through her super messy frozen lumber room and find them all, then step into the gorgeous Snow Queen's living room! It definitely looks like most of the pieces of furniture there needed mending, so make sure to master handle your hammer and fix them all, then to wipe the floor, dust the whole place, broom it, too, and so on, till it's super tidy and spotless clean again! Awesome! The last challenge of the Elsa's Frozen House Makeover game will be that of exploring your creativity as an interior designer and fine artist and liven up Elsa's frozen home by getting it painted in new lovely colors!
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