Elsa's Boutique

Big news coming from Arendelle: today's the big opening day of Elsa's charming little boutique! That's right, the dashing ice queen has always wanted to own her own little store, where she could sell the finest antiques, unique fashion items and luxury beauty products, as well. Too bad that she can't seem to remember where she's placed each item inside her boutique and those customers are not going to wait in line for too long, that's for sure. Do you think you could help her quickly spot all the items that her first customers would love to buy, from her charming little boutique? Just take a close look at the shapes that you have there, in the bottom bar, and try figuring out both the items that they stand for and where those key items are placed in Elsa's cute store. Look for the pretty doll, for the blush case, too, for that rare bottle of perfume, as well, for the little mirror and so on. You'll see, this sure is one of the most challenging Elsa Frozen games that you've recently had the chance to enjoy.

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