Elsa and the Newborn Baby

How exciting! Queen Elsa's an expectant mommy, for the second time (she already has a cute 2 years old daughter, too, you know)! Well, she's an expectant mommy due to give birth to her new baby any minute now, in fact, so you'd better hurry up and help this future mom pack for the hospital. Help her spot the rattle she'd like to put in that bag of hers prepared special for the hospital, the diaper and the fluffy baby blanket, as well, and all the the items she's written down on her list. Then... rush into the hospital's delivery room and assist lovely Elsa while she's delivering her baby! Alternatively press the “push” and “breath” buttons on your screen, as indicated to you and carry out all the other medical procedures suggested to you, as well, such as glaceing the oxygen mask on her face or giving her the right injection, too. Last, but surely not least: be the first one to attend to Elsa's newborn baby girl!

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