Easy Bake Cookies

Isn't this a dream come true for a true cookies addict like you? Now you have the chance to learn how to bake the yummiest and the quickest to cook type of cookies in the world! So, roll up your sleeves for it's time to get these yum, yum treats baked! There are several steps to take, starting with the one where you make the cookie dough and ending with the one where you... decorate your eye-tempting tiny desserts! In no time you'll be convinced that this is one of those cookies cooking games which make some amazing tutorials for skillful little pastry chefs like you! which First of all, hurry up to find and grab all the ingredients that you'll need for your dough: look for the sifter, for the flour bag, as well, trying figuring out where the rolling pin might be hiding in the onscreen kitchen and, once you have all your ingredients ready, nicely displayed on the kitchen counter, rush in to put them all together and prepare your cookie dough. Next, you should get ready for preparing the tasty cookie filling, too!


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