Childrens Room

School's out till tomorrow, homework is done, this can only mean it's time for a fun playing time in the backyard for these three brothers here. Oh no, it seems they're not allowed to go out and have fun till they clean up the all that mess they've made in all the rooms of the house. Do you think you could give them a helping hand, playing the children's room cleanup game, so that they can spare some recious time and have their fun session on the backyard's playground?

Billy's room sure looks messy. No to worry, for, believe it or not, you'll actually going to have the time of your life getting it all sparkling clean and it will be surprisingly easy too! A click click here and a click click there and all the toys are put in the toys basket, all the garbage put the dustbin and you can get to the next level and play your Tooth Fairy role for Billy's cute little sister cleaning up the living room. Continue playing the children's room clean up game and step into these three little brothers' living room, helping out Lia clean up the room in the blink of an eye or should in just a few mouse clicks! There are lots and lots of clothes to be picked up and put in the laundry basket, there are left overs from the last meal they had in the living room that have to be put in the dustbin and, little by little, click by click, you'll get this living room the tidy look to impress mom with!

Your next mission is to help Mia, this management game's lovely fair haired cutie, clean up the messy kitchen, putting the dirty dishes into the dish washer, dragging and dropping the leftovers scattered all over the kitchen and doing your hocus pocus clean up magic to help her complete her task just in time to join her two brothers for a fun playtime in the open air! Enjoy playing the children's room clean up game!

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