Dogs Memo

Could you easily decide which is your favorite type of pooch? Do you prefer the adorable, incredibly fluffy ones or rather the slightly skinny, tiny ones or those with goofy, heart-melting little faces? Now, I'm sure you're a true doggy lover and that you could never resist any puppy's cute, begging eyes, but mind you say focused during these memory-challenging levels here. OK, it's true, this game, one of those online memory games loaded with animal cuteness, stars some of the most amazingly adorable pooches you've ever petted or hugged, but your job here is to pair them, two by two, to identify the identical pooches and bring them together. So, test your memory skills as you flip over the cars on your screen and don't get too distracted by these puppies' sweet faces. Remember what pooch is hiding behind each one of those cards and, once you spot its brother, its identical twin... reunite them, pairing the two cards featuring them.


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