Magician Cat


Do you know any magic tricks? There's no need to feel bad if they don't always come out right, now you can learn from the best. Be attentive and try to discover the secrets hidden behind the tricks in themagician cat girl game.

This cat has been fascinated by everything related to magic since she was a little kitten. Now, she has her own impressive collection of magic tricks and you're the only one she will reveal them to. So, which is the trick we will learn playing the magician cat girl game? Just pay attention to this cute little cat creating an illusion that would make you think she has multiplied into several identical cats. Which is the real one, after all? They all look the same, but there is only a magician cat after all. Have you guessed it? Now try again. Follow her moves, make sure you keep an eye on this tricky little cat and try to differentiate illusion from reality! Who can deny that this is such a super fun animal game? This little kitten will get your attention and memory strained to such an extent that afterwards any other ordinary magic trick will be instantly "stripped" of its illusion by your vigilant eyes!

Such a famous magician cannot show up on the stage, facing a numerous audience, dressed up as any common cat. Now teach this kitty some of your fashion tricks dressing her up with some of the cool outfits from theLeon the cat dress up game .

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