Doc McStuffins at the Dentist

Lovely Doc McStuffins sure is THE best doctor that all those poor injured toys could dream of, but who heals the lovely doc herself when she's having some nasty toothaches, for instance? The sweet little hero definitely needs a dentist, a gentle and yet so very skillful one, too. So, grab your dentist tools and start fixing her really damaged teeth, for there are plenty of toy patients to be examined and treated today and she can't afford getting distracted by some awful toothaches! Fill in all the cavities, remove all the ugly looking yellowish stains, replace the black ones with new healthy looking teeth and then decorate the cute doc's teeth, getting them painted in vivid colors and upgraded with all kinds of eye-catching, dazzling chic tooth jewels, too! Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the catchiest online dentist games that you've ever played?



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