DIY Galaxy Shoes

Since I bet you're one of those girls who's always one step ahead all the fashion trends, you must already be well informed about this season's coolest shoe trend, the galaxy shoes, aren't you? If you want to steal all the spotlights with your new trendy sneakers, then you should definitely consider going for some custom made ones following all the helpful indications in this fun sneakers decoration tutorial here! Use all those differently shaped and sized brushes pointed out to you and pick the indicated shimmery colors for coloring up all kinds of tiny glittery circles and stars on your onscreen sneakers, putting together an entire... galaxy, that's sure to turn these special shoes into THE attention-grabbing accessory meant to upgrade any kind of fashion look! Is this like one of the most creativity-stimulating decoration games for girls that you've ever played or what! Next, come up with a statement outfit combo, too, for the lucky teen model you'll be wearing your creations!


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