Spring Rolls

Step into the most popular Japanese restaurant in town and help this chef prepare lost and lots of sushi rolls delights, withing the given limit of time, so that the customers shouldn't wait for their food for too long and leave the restaurant Get the sprig rolls management game started and team up with the talented young chef there, helping him prepare all those rolls specialties his resto is so famous for!

It will be an around the clock cooking session, I tell you! Once the images feathering the customers' orders appear on top of the screen, you need to set all those machinaries into motion and click the ones featuring the right ingredients that you need for cooking those specific rolls. Therefore, make sure to scan really careful those little images and and be carefully to place the right type of meat next to those delicious needles there, to pick the right type of sauce and to give those rice rolls the right flavor. Playing the spring rolls management game you'll notice that there's a tiny little picture featuring a particular ingredient on each part of those cooking machinery there, so if you focus and you have good reaction times, you cannot miss the orders or run out of time before you've prepared all the sushi goodies the customers asked for!

Play the spring rolls management game and take the challenge of working in the most chaotic, busy restaurant kitchen!

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