Dance Floor Diva

Whenever this dancing queen conquers the dance floor, you can be sure that she'll pull off a jaw-dropping show! She sure dances like no other, she definitely is one of the most fabulously looking professional dancers out there and where do you add that she always manages to dress to impress and dazzle away the audience with her spectacular, cool stage outfits. Would you like to play the role of her personal stylist, getting the dance floor diva makeover game started, and get her that fab-stylish, cutting-edge look to sport during her next major performance?

No matter whether she has to be on a major dance TV show or if she's performing only for some of her closest friends, in a small dance studio, our dancing diva here never ever forgets about her skin's beauty ritual! She'd cleanse, she'd scrub, moisturize, nourish, pluck eyebrows, heal under-eye dark circles and so on till she'd gained that picture-perfect complexion to stun her audience with. Next, she'd put together a bold, statement make-up look. Would you help her with hat, too? If you love to play beauty makeover games as often as you can, you will definitely find this one's graphics simply... dazzling! Once she's ready for the fashion makeover, too, step into her room and... help her try on all her comfy stylish off-shoulder and tank tops mixing and matching them with all the right fancy shimmery leggins or chic short pants, keeping in mind to accessorize her fabulous, attention-grabbing look with all the right colorful statement bracelets, too!

Play beauty makeover games on Rainbowdressup and learn all the most amazing beauty tricks for that you need to know for turning yourself, too, into a super stylish teen diva!

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