Cute Panda Cub

Wouldn't you just want to hug this adorable panda bear into your arms and maybe become his new loving playmate, too? Well, if you really want to take care of this cute panda cub, then you should know that he needs more than hugs and someones to play with: he needs someone to watch upon him and eventually guide him on his way up to the highest tree in the jungle, he needs someone to clean his incredibly fluffy black-and-white fur, gently spreading that foam all over it, then rinsing it off, he needs someone with an exquisite taste in accessories for styling him up with pretty flower tiaras, stylish eyeglasses and bold, gorgeous necklaces and so on. So, would you be his new best friend and protector playing one of the cutest and by far one of the most engaging free animal care games online?


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