Cute Mouse

She's more than just the most adorable mouse in the entire animals' world, you know! She's one of the tidiest, most organized, most hard-working little mouses around there, you know. Since she can't stand unclean rooms, nor all those leftovers that tourists usually leave on the beach and since there seems to be a lot of hard work to do around here, how about lending her a precious helping hand playing the cute mouse clean up game?

My oh my, this tiny little mouse's room sure looks... like it's looking forward to a major clean up marathon! There are books scattered everywhere on the floor, clothes forgotten outside the closet, toys and shoes left everywhere and so on. Whenever you're in doubt... just click the “Info” button and a helpful image, featuring the room all tidy and clean, will pop up! Is this like one of the most skills-challenging cleaning games for girls that you've tried so far, or what? There, you can see where the paintings should be placed, on which side of the wall, where the alarm clock should be put and which is the right place for throwing in those clothes scattered around the room. Once you've cleaned up this cute mouse's room, go on and help her clean up the beach, too, but not just anyhow, but by wisely, selectively throwing in the wastes into the appropriate dustbins. Enjoy!

Playing cleaning games for girls sure is fun and challenging, but playing the best of them, like this skills game here, is double as engaging! Enjoy testing your magic skills during this fun-filled cleaning marathon!

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