Cute Kitten 2

This sweet cuddly bundle of fur sure is depending on you completely, you know! The cute kitten is so very vulnerable without you, she needs you to watch upon her as she takes her fun stroll in the park, for she might be kind of shy and insecure the first time. Then, she's counting on you to get her fluffy fur super clean, soaking it in dry kitty shampoo foam, making sure to spread the shampoo all over her fur and then gently rinsing it off. Next, she's hoping that you would work your fashion creativity on her and get her an adorably chic kitty fashion look! A chic or funny cute hat, some funky cool eyeglasses and a lovely collar are sure to get your sweet cat pet's look from adorable to...adorably stylish! As a cat care games passionate, you will no doubt grow so fond on this heart-melting cute kitty here, probably one of the sweetest ones that you've ever looked after so far!


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