Ms. Kitty

She's heart-melting adorable, she's fluffy cute and she's all yours to look after! Girls meet ms. Kitty, such a loveable bundle of joy waiting for you to take great care of her spoiling and looking after her like a true pet owner! See if you're meant to be her “guardian angel' playing the ms. kitty pet carrying game!

Oh, the poor kitty! She looks so helpless, so vulnerable, an easy “prey” for all those nasty swaps hurrying up to sting her! Don't let such a thing happen and click the evil wasps, one by one, making them disappear! Here you have one now, approaching your new kitty friend! Place your cursor on it and give it a quick click. Great! How could one true animal lover not grow addicted to cat carrying games? Once you've managed to fill in the bar you have there, in the bottom of your screen, get ready for facing another challenge as ms. Kitty's new loving owner: feeding the cute kitten byspotting all the hidden sausages scattered all around the on-screen kitchen. Carefully scan the kitchen floor, the kitchen cupboard and the instant you spot a sausage, click on it and your kitty will instantly enjoy it. Bravo!

Play the ms. Kitty pet carrying game and use your love for animals and your skills for looking after this tiny fur-ball of joy!

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