Cuddle My Sweet Baby

This must definitely be one of the most popular nurseries in town, where those adorable little bundles of joy are very well taken cared of! With so many new parents bringing in their precious ones here, every day, before leaving to work, a new super nanny is greatly needed! Could this wonder nanny be you? Test your babysitting skills looking after an increasing number of toddlers,making all their baby wishes come true, in no time, and keeping them happy, entertained and well fed during their staying in the nursery. Don't expect it to be easy! You're not playing one of those boring slow-paced fun baby caring games that you can find online, after all!You might have one cute baby crying for his favorite balloon, another one asking for yummy special baby food or for his precious bottle of milk, another one missing his dear baby's dummy and all that simultaneously, of course! Click on their wish bubbles to find out which is the item that will bring back the smile upon their tiny sweet faces and hurry up to get them those specific foodies or toys!


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