S.O.S Clean Up My Home

S.O.S, this is an emergency! This cutie's house is a major mess and her parents should come back home from the countryside any minute now! The weekend, home alone, sure was so fun, but now the house is super messy and only a huge cleanup squad could make it sparkly clean again in such a short time! You don't need to put on your gloves and search for all those cleaning tools of yours if you want to lend this poor cutie a helping hand, it's enough to get the S.O.S clean up my home game started, you know!

OMG! The living room looks as if someone's been having way to much fun with all her school mates for there are so many stains on the floor, so many beauty products left everywhere, the plants craving for a few drops of water at least and so on. It takes only a few clicks to lift all those wrappings off the floor, to help her “waltz” with her mop and clean up those stains off the floor in the blink of an aye and, also, just a few clicks for putting all those cream and lotion pots into the right drawer again. Bravo, you've just passed the first level of the S.O.S clean up my home! Once the living room is sparkly clean, get to the next level and get ready for the ultimate challenge: cleaning up all the two floors of the house at once! Wouldn't it be amazing if cleaning up were as easy as it is in online cleanup games? Click, click, click, then click some more, and, as if by magic, all those clothes scattered on the bed and sofa will be picked up and, with another super quick click, placed into the closet, the floor will be stainless in a minute, all the ugly stains removed and the plants watered and brought to life in an instant! Just move the cursor to get from one room to another, from one corner of a room to another, whereas for a panoramic view, click the icon on thetop right corner of the screen. Have fun!

Play your role as a tooth fairy gifted with cleaning superpowers, for this cute little girl here, and, while you're enjoying the S.O.S clean up my home, cast your spell upon this little girl' home and getting it all sparkly clean once again.

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