Crispy Chicken Burger

It may not be that kind of fancy dish that you will be eating in a five star restaurant, not even a dish that requires a knife and fork, but it sure is the type of dish that would turn any meal into a real feast! Whether do you add that cooking it is super fun, too! First of all, all the needed ingredients are already gathered there, on the screen, so all you have to do is simply pay attention to the indicated sequence in which you need to pick them and drop them into that empty bowl there. So, the first one to look after is the mayonnaise bottle, then the mustard, then you should be breaking an egg and drop it in, then add a little bit of flour etc etc. Once they're all into the bowl, start mixing them through sand through and then adding the chicken meat, too. Bravo! The next step will be all about... frying. Turn on the oven and, for guidance... keep reading those super helpful little textlines popping up on your screen. If this is not one of the most addictive burger cooking games online, then I don't know which one is!


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