Corsican Style Soup

You cannot say you've eaten the yummiest soup ever, until you haven't tried the corsican style soup! Attend this fun cooking class here and learn all the tips and tricks you need to know for cooking this delicious soup!

Veggies are definitely the main “responsible” for this yummy, yummy Italian's soup flavor! So, make sure you give them your fullest attention! Skillfully peel off those potatoes you have there, then chop, chop the onion, then slice down the fresh juicy tomato you have there, then do the same with the carrot and so on. Once they're all chopped and dropped into different bowls, it's veggies' boiling time! Is this like one of the most addictive online soup cooking games or what! Pour just a few drops of olive oil into the stockpot there, then drop in all the chopped vegetables, one by one! Focus on the flashy on-screen arrow you have there and you'll be cooking your steamy, amazingly flavored, vitamins-filled soup in no time!

Do I sense a big, big soup fan? Then why should you miss the chance of playing other online soup cooking games on our website and become a true soup master chef?



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