Cooking Ginger Biscuits

Would you have some cookies, some... ginger biscuits? Then how about cooking some for yourself? Roll up your sleeves and start putting together all the indicated ingredients in a yum, yum cookie batter. Drop some butter into the bowl, add some sugar, as well, break an egg and drop it, too, then turn on that electric mixer you have there for blending them all through and through. Lovely! Is this like one of the most useful cookie cooking games you've ever enjoyed or what? Then, go on and pull off the second mixture! You will be needing some flour, it's written in any ginger biscuits recipe, you know, some baking soda as well, then... Stir the mix using the spoon you have there, on your screen, start rolling out your dough, master handling the rolling pin popping up on your kitchen counter. Now comes the fun part of this cooking class: placing the gingerbread man-shaped cutter on your dough and shaping your future cookies!


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