Coconut Cake

If you had to build up a top favorite types of cake list, I'm pretty sure that the delicious, creamy coconut cake would be in top three, am I right? Then you should not miss this chance of learning to cook your favorite mouth-watering dessert! You won't believe how fun and easy it is, in fact! First, with one simple click you empty the white cake mix box into the empty bowl already prepared for you on the on-screen kitchen table. Then, in another bowl, you drop in some flaked coconut and into the third bowl some super tasty topping! Great! You've just taken the first step! Next... therewill be more bowls to fill with yummy ingredients that you'll be needing for cooking your tasty super cake! Don't let the on-screen green arrow out of your sight and you will prepare your coconut treat in no time! Now, since you've having so much fun as a pastry cook, if you love to play cake cooking games online that truly encourage you to sharpen your cooking skills, why not enjoying some more right here, on Rainbowdressup?

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