Cocktail Frenzy

Girls, meet Helen: the lucky owner of the newest and by far the mot stylish cocktail bar in town! Since her fancy bar has already been invaded by lots and lots of customers who's heard about this high class place and about the tasty cocktails that they serve here, what would you say about lending Helen a helping hand at attending to them all? Pay great attention to the wish bubbles popping up above their heads, which will inform you about their cocktail preferences, and then take a quick peek at the cocktail recipes book that you have there, putting together each one of those refreshing, super tasty fruity cocktails! Is this like one of the best free management games that you've ever played or what? Pick the right type of juice, whether it's mango, lime or mint, make sure to pour the right quantity, to add a teaspoon of sugar, some ice cubes, too, and then to click on the “create” button. It will instantly get served to the your customer and, if you will have pulled off the drink correctly, you'll get rewarded with a golden coin, of course!


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