Cinderella's Punk Rock Look

Princess Cinderella's ready to... step out from the crowd and outshine all the princesses attending the royal dance ball tonight! She'll change her pretty, fairytale-like princess look with a... punk rock look and leave Prince Charming simply... speechless! Would you help princess Cinderella carry out her daring plan? Help get get herself dressed up first of all! Should she go for a pair of fringe short pants or rather for some black leggins or for a girly punkish pleated miniskirt instead? Next, help her decide whether a skulls-patterned top or a punk rock, spiked vest would suit her best. A statement, edgy punk hairstyle and voila: Cinderella's new punk rock look is almost complete! “Almost”, for you still need to put together her bold, edgy-pink make-up look, as well!

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