Baby at the Spa

Would you be this little pumpkin's new loving nanny? It's baby Lucy's birthday today, you know, and her mommy and daddy are organizing a fun party for their sweetheart, attended by all her closest friends from kindergarten! So, take your role as her caring nanny really seriously and pamper little Lucy with a baby spa beauty ritual! Have fun enjoying baby at the Spa!

The first step to take should definitely that where you give cute Lucy a warm bubble bath! Step into her lovely decorated bathroom and start pouring all her favorite bath soaks and getting her body and hair gently washed, too. Then, it will be towel drying, hair drying and hair combing time! She couldn't possibly show up in front of her little guests with her hair damp wet or disheveled, wouldn't you agree? As a baby bathing games “expert”, you'll no doubt enjoy stepping into the shoes of a loving babysitter for sweet Lucy here in particular! Next, rush into little Lucy's toy room, for since she will surely be such a good girl during her bath time and her hair combing time, you should reward her with a fun-filled playtime session! Be quick to click on the cute toys she'd like you to entertain her with! The last, but definitely not the least step to take: styling up baby Lucy, getting her an adorably chic birthday girl look! Would you go for one of her pretty babydoll dresses or you'd rather pair a cute chic blouse with a lovely flouncy skirt?

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