Christmas Mischief

Is you used to think that Santa's elves were all so very well-behaved, kind and obedient, then... you were wrong! At least these 3 specifier elves here are not at all like that! Because of them poor Santa can't find even one second of privacy when he could kiss lady Santa goodby, before his long, tiresome Christmas Eve journey around the globe! One of the elves is spying on them behind a devilish looking snowman (prepared to throw snowballs at the charming couple), another one from one of those tall tree fir trees there and another one's riding his sleight, in the background, but at the seam time's watching the lovely couple really closely, determined to catch them... kissing! Would you be Mr and Mrs Sana's most reliable little helper, the one who'll help them give each other their romantic goodbye kiss without getting interrupted by those devilish elves spying on them?

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