Chocolate Waffles

Are they one of your top favorite yummy, yummy choco treats, too? I bet they are, for very few people can resist the temptation of spoiling their taste buds with some delicious, mouth-watering chocolate waffles. Then, how about learning how to cook them? It's so simple: first of all make sure you have all the ingredients listed in the recipe ready. I'm talking here about fresh, tasty strawberries, about butter, flour, sugar, eggs and other must-have ingredients. Lovely! As a free cooking games for girls fan you will definitely love digging up all these priceless waffles cooking secrets! The next step to take: mixing the cocoa with some sugar, some salt and a few more ingredients prepared for you on the kitchen table there and using the whisk put at your disposal for blending them in through and through. In the next phase of this fun-filled cooking class you need to throw a bunch of yummy ingredients, such as the mix you've just put together, the butter, the two eggs, into the food processor yo have there. Mix by mix, doing your cooking hocus pocus while you let yourself guided by the precious indications on your screen, you will have cooked your delicious chocolate waffles in no time!




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